Levi McGrath

Levi McGrath approached me with a dream – record, edit and mix his latest album in just 3 weeks. We even pre-printed the physical CD’s before the album was complete..all in the name of touring with Third Day! Even with from the crazy deadline, the album is something I’m very proud of creating.

We had Andrew Hornerman on drums (nice kit!), Trent Prees (Garage Hymnal) on bass, Rob Badman / Joe West and Michael Horneman on elec gtr. Levi did his acoustic + vocal thing and I threw a few touches on too.

We just completed 10 days in the studio and now I’m straight into mixing and then off to Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound, NY for mastering.

Here’s some pics of what we got up to:

Jake Nauta
Producer / Engineer @ Queens Road Studio

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